At SP Technologies we dream of creating an organization that understands your business needs.

We strive to excel as an organization that have answers to your business problems and help you in solving those problems as a Partner to ensure enhancement in productivity thereby ensuring improved performance which in turn shall lead to improved bottom-line.

Founders experience shows that any organization be it small, medium or large in India and elsewhere require much more than just a software application. Research shows that an organization that buys software is constrained by the features of the software and it takes a good amount of effort to implement change. Many a times these changes are not well understood and appreciated by the vendor. Vendors are often focused on the technicalities of the software rather than looking into the business aspects. This leads to a situation where the business needs takes a back seat resulting in low return on investment to the organization.

P2EP committed
to bring your
100% success
in productivity

When you sign up with us, you dont buy software. But you sign up for P2EP. P2EP stands for Productivity & Performance Enhancement Program. The program starts with the identification of areas where there is a possibility of improvement in productivity. Definition of broad objectives that need to be achieved to ensure productivity improvement happens next followed by solution definition. A change management program is carried out in order to align the thought process of all stake holders in line with the objectives. Solution is implemented and organization is trained. Organization goes through a hand holding process during the implementation. At every milestone an audit is conducted to reconcile the objectives achieved with those that are defined in the first two stages. Post roll out of the program, Organization has an opportunity to sign up for P2 Continuous assurance program, which helps an organization to implement P2EP continuously within the organization.

No dreams are realized without a good team.

We are blessed to have committed professionals as part of our management team and organizations that evangelize our ideas.

Sreedhar Krish Chairman & Managing Director

An alumnus from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai with more than 15 years of Business Consulting and ERP Implementation experience, Sreedhar is responsible for the strategic directions of the company. A down to earth person Sreedhar Krish is involved in many charitable activities in Chennai and elsewhere. He is the in the board of trustees of several not for profit organizations in India and believes in contributing back to the society in the form of food and education to the needy.

Priya S Director, Operations

An engineering graduate from Anna University, Priya had successfully served in the middle management position with several multinational information technology companies such as Tata Teleservices and Tata Consultancy Services. A student of Indian traditional music, Priya loves music. She is responsible for the overall operations of the company.

Organizations that have evangelized our ideas:

  • Gympac Fitness systems
  • Rahyals Medical Systems
  • Nexbase Technologies
  • Maruthi Plastics

Organizations that have evangelized our ideas: