Is P2EP a software product or solution?

P2EP is an innovative program from SP Technologies PES, a Chennai based Business Consulting cum Technology Company aimed at providing productivity and performance enhancement solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Step 1: Business Challenges Assessment

For many organizations it is still a challenge to understand the areas where streamlining can happen and improve productivity. Although Business Owners/Leaders may have gut feel or intuition that certain departments or business processes need to be altered to ensure that the organization continues in a growth path, they may still require a 3rd eye or dimension to understand the problems that are affecting the companys growth. P2EP brings in that 3rd dimension. Our experienced business consultants work with your leaders and help them do introspection on their respective departments performance. This activity happens with the help of a questionnaire and face to face interviews. This is an intense activity that may be spanned across days (depending on the organization size). At the end of the sessions, business leaders walk out with clarity on what is stopping them from achieving their Key Result Areas and the action items that need to be executed in order to overcome these business challenges.

Step 2: Business Objective Definition

Based on the inferences made by the business leaders from Step 1, the challenges are collated and transformed into measurable Key Business Objectives that the Organization must collectively achieve. These could involve Implementing Best Practices from the Industry, Organizational Restructuring, Implementation of Software Tools or providing certain focused Orientation Training to team members.

These Business Objectives are agreed upon and time frame drawn for the implementation.

Step 3: Define a Solution Strategy

In this step a detailed blue print of solution strategy is drawn in order to achieve the key objectives identified in Step 2. Decisions such as if an external vendor should be involved in achieving certain key areas, detailed information on the software tools to be implemented etc., are taken and a budget allocated for the next steps.

Step 4: Implementation of Solution

Implementations of solutions are done in a controlled manner ensuring that the objectives do not go out of sight. Since any implementation requires tremendous amount of focus and energy, it is put through a streamlined methodology. Resources are divided into focused groups and reviews are conducted periodically to measure progress. The activities are driven to ensure that implementations happen on time within budget and with acceptable quality levels.

Step 5: Post Implementation Assessment

Implementation results are reconciled with the Key Objectives that were drawn up in Step 2 and an assessment made if the objectives are met. If certain objectives are not met then an action plan is drawn to correct and ensure 100% compliance with the key objectives.


The P2 Assurance Program is usually run for a period of 1 year post implementation. The objective of this program is to ensure that the 2 Ps (Productivity and Performance) is achieved as set out in the Key Objectives road map. An experienced consultant works closely with all the stake holders and hand holds them in using the solutions. The consultant conducts periodic interviews and review sessions to ensure that everyone understands the importance of following certain processes and to clarify any doubt that team may have.


The P2 Continuous Assurance Program is intended at organizations to be able to implement the P2EP program continuously and reap its benefits. This is usually signed up for a period of more than one year and it follows the first one year assurance program.

Is P2EP a Training Program?

It is not just a training program although various types of training are integral to P2EPs success. For example, for an organization that may not have tech savvy users; technology orientation training may form part of the Key Objectives to be achieved. Hence from case to case as part of the program the type of training rendered may be different.

Who are the competitors?

You can find business consulting houses or Software Vendors. But hardly you find some-one like us who takes the responsibility of ensuring productivity and performance enhancement and at the same time have a wide range of hardware gadgets and software products that are implemented in order to streamline business processes, ensure data security, achieve control and ensure results. From this standpoint it is not an exaggeration if we say we do not have any competition. We are pioneers in this line and are leaders.

Who should opt for P2EP?

Any one whose objective is to run their business in a professional and scientific manner, who aspire to grow their businesses with measured risks, who want to implement strategies based on information, who want to streamline their business processes, who want to secure data and all of those who want to improve productivity and performance within their organization are ideal candidates for the implementation of this program.

How will my investment in P2EP protected?

One of the primary goals of this program is to ensure that your investment do not go bad. The P2 ASSURANCE PROGRAM is like a warranty period, that is designed to ensure that you reap return on your investments.

Is it meant for large multinational organizations only?

No. This is designed and devised keeping in mind the needs of growing number of Small and Medium Enterprises in markets like India, Brazil, South Africa and ASEAN Nations. This is very suitable for any one who aspire to run their organization in a serious, scientific manner no matter what their size is.

What would be my recurring cost?

It depends on the services you subscribe to.

Is it expensive to implement P2EP?

It depends on what we define as expensive. For a patient who is undergoing an open heart surgery the money spent on the surgery is a life saver and not an expense. Similarly the investment on P2EP can be a business driver that ensures productivity or can be seen as an expense based on the priority of business leaders.

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