Based on the experiences that we derived out of implementing P2EP we at SP Technologies PES have translated those learning into software applications. We have a wealth of applications that helps organizations (Small & Medium) to implement P2EP.

Sales Automation

  • Customer/Contacts Maintenance
  • Products Maintenance
  • Pricelists Maintenance
  • Telemarketing Management
  • Enquiry/Lead Management
  • Sales Activities Management
  • Quote Management
  • Order Management
  • Discount Management
  • Compliance with Indian Statutory/Tax Regulations.


  • Accounts Approval
  • Customer Service Department Approval
  • Logistics Management
  • Delivery Note Print
  • LR Receipt/ Transport details management

Inventory Management

  • Real-time Inventory position
  • Serial Number/ Batch Tracking
  • Landed Cost Calculations
  • Branch wise/ location wise Inventory maintenance
  • Minimum and Maximum margin levels product wise
  • Spare Parts Management

Purchase Order management

  • Purchase Request Generation
  • Approval of Purchase Requests/Indents
  • Vendor Maintenance
  • Request for Quote from Vendors
  • Record Vendor Quotes in the system
  • Manage Activities done by the commercial team on Purchase Quotes from Vendors
  • Ranking of Purchase Quotes based on parameters
  • Convert one or more Purchase Quotes into an Order
  • Purchase Order Generation
  • Purchase Inward for a purchase order
  • Recording of Purchase Invoice for a Purchase Order
  • Landed Cost calculations

Installation Management

  • Track all orders that are delivered and ready for installation
  • Assign to a Technician who is available
  • Manage activities with respect to an Installation
  • Track the status of Installation

Complaint Management

  • Record Complaints from Customers
  • Track Complaint to closure
  • Assign Complaints based on skills required and availability of Technicians
  • Spare Parts Request and approval
  • Post Complaint Management

Service Order Management

  • Generate Annual Maintenance or Annual Service Contract Quote
  • Manage Activities performed on a Quote
  • Discount Management
  • Generate AMC/ASC contract
  • Maintain and Manage Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Marketing Management

  • Track Leads Industry wise
  • Track Leads Campaign wise
  • Analyze Campaign effectiveness
  • Analyze business industry wise and decide on a Go to Market strategy
  • Setup and Run Email Campaign
  • Maintain an intimate relationship with the Customers/Prospects by wishing them on anniversaries
  • Analyze performance of Dealer network or Franchisees
  • Analyze Product wise performance


  • Sales Forecast
  • Service Technician Calendar
  • Strike Rate of Sales Executives
  • Telemarketing effectiveness
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Spare Parts Consumption
  • Lost Order Analysis


  • Maintain vital Employee information
  • Setup Locations
  • Maintain Calendar location wise
  • Manage National Holidays and Location Specific Holidays
  • Maintain Attendance
  • Maintain Leave Information
  • Over Time Calculation
  • Setup Benefits and Deductions
  • Salary Calculation for a month and Exception handling
  • Salary Calculation Approval
  • Print Salary Slips
  • Form 16
  • All reports as per Indian Statutory regulations

Customer Portal

  • Customer able to access their business information by logging into the portal
  • Customer can access their statement online
  • Track the payments made and the ageing of Invoices
  • Track the status of orders online.

Sales Invoicing

  • Generate Sales Invoice based on deliveries made
  • Print Sales Invoice
  • Email Sales Invoice
  • Compliance with Indian Statutory Regulations.

Payment Management

  • Ageing of Customer Receivables
  • Record all the payments received from the customer
  • Track the payment to be collected at the time of Installation
  • Payment Register
  • Generate Customer outstanding statement


P2EP on Cloud

In order to facilitate those organizations that may have a limitation in terms of their investment into infrastructure that is required for the successful implementation of P2EP based applications, we also provide a cloud based model. An organization pays month on month subscription fee based on usage. We have partnered with TATA Teleservices to provide our customers with a reliable, secured cloud infrastructure.

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P2EP has been implemented for several industry verticals. Based on these implementations we have come out with templates that would help in future implementations and cut down on the implementation time line.
The industry verticals where we have seen significant application of P2EP are provided below.

  • Fitness Equipment Trading
  • Computer hardware/Software dealers
  • Rental Business
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Medical Equipment Trading
  • Spray Guns Trading
  • Packaging Materials companies
  • Professional Services Companies
  • Surgical Equipment Trading
  • Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers
  • Power Equipments Trading Companies
  • Consulting Companies

P2EP can be implemented for organizations of any size. But the time and manner in which P2EP is implemented varies based on the Organization size, turnover, and number of employees and complexity of business. Given below is a table that shows our categorization and the best choice of methodology through which they can implement P2EP.

  • Small
    • Turnover
      < 10 Cr

    • Number of
      Users < 10

    Recommended Model -

  • Medium
    • Turnover between
      11 Cr and 49 Cr

    • Number of
      Users < 50

    Recommended Model -
    Template based rollout,
    on premise or co-location

  • LArge
    • Turnover between
      50 Cr and 100 Cr

    • Number of
      Users < 100

    Recommended Model -
    Complete P2EP
    with on premise model

How P2EP is implemented?

  • P2EP Stages
    • Biz.Challenge.Assessment
    • Business Objective Definition
    • Define Solution Strategy
    • Implementation of Solution
    • Post Implementation Assessment
    • P2 Assurance Program
    • P2 Continuous Assurance Program
  • Small
    • ~ 2 Hours
    • ~2 Hours
    • ~ 2 Hours
    • ~ 24 Hours
    • ~ 4 Hours
    • On case to case basis
    • Based on Contract
  • Medium
    • ~ 10 Hours
    • ~ 3 Hours
    • ~ 3 Hours
    • ~ 64 Hours
    • ~ 16 Hours
    • ~ 6 Months
    • Based on Contract
  • Large
    • ~ 40 Hours
    • ~ 16 Hours
    • ~ 16 Hours
    • ~ 120 Hours
    • ~ 40 Hours
    • ~ 12 Months
    • Based on Contract

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